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Greenlake sports does a phenomenal job!  Adam and the team listen well, are continually problem solving, and are always searching for new solutions.  They are both challenging and engaging in their treatment.  I came in with hiking knee pain and left with stronger legs and a list of hikes added to my bucket list.  Greenlake Sports is a friendly, welcoming place with great results.  I would highly recommend!  Ask for Adam, but the whole team is great!


"Participated in PT at Greenlake Sports PT for 4 months following knee surgery.  The staff were amazing, from the therapists to the assistants to the office manager.  Everyone was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating.  I cant say that PT was my favorite thing, but GSPT made it as positive an experience as possible."


"When my world turned upside down with a complex knee injury, everything in my life became more difficult-  from simple things like getting around, performing at work, and showering to the more involved- travel plans abroad, an out of state move, and a job change. The only constant during this messy time was Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy, and my main PT Adam. At my first visit, I was offered a brace that immediately improved my mobility and ease of working, and given simple, concise instructions on my exercises, my regimen, what to watch out for, and an expected course of prehab. It was such a relief to have a solid plan, and a team that clearly had my back and wanted me to succeed.

Each session, Adam begins with a clear plan but adjusts according to individual client needs and responses, his ability to be flexible sets him apart. As a medical professional myself, his technical knowledge base and ease of explanations were greatly appreciated. Adam was willing to give me suggestions for how to adapt my gym routine to my injury and always followed up with me to rate effectiveness and my body’s response. I was challenged but never pushed farther than my body was willing to go. I felt like I had the best of both worlds- a caring and attentive therapist with an excellent ability to communicate, and an adept and capable clinician- a rare combination that helped support me through a very tumultuous time in my life.  Every time I walked through their door, I was greeted by an entire team of people that wanted and believed in my success as much as I did, and I am so grateful to have worked with them."


"The quality of care i have received here is outstanding.  The down to earth and family like atmosphere makes coming here a joy.  The entire staff, from my physical therapist Bart, to training assistants Ava, Lindsay, and Jessie as well as Sarah are so supportive and encouraging.  They have made recovery fun and challenging.  Bart has taught me how to use my body correctly and helped me to be stronger than i have been in a long time.  Be prepared to do your homework, if you do you will be rewarded with a healthier, stronger body."


"Bart's advice and therapy is always careful, thorough, helpful, upbeat and right on target . . . Scheduling is very flexible, the space is light and open, these guys are very professional and friendly.  I don't regret a dime we've spent there over the years.  Our family is in better shape for it."


"I had a bulging disk that put me out for about a year.   I was about to get cut when I decided to give PT a try.  During the healing process, Bart did a great job of educating me on exercise and posture to keep the pain at bay and aid in recovery.  I totally recommend them."


"My daughter played volleyball in high school and sustained a stress fracture in her spine and was required to wear a brace and have regular PT for a number of months for rehabilitation. We were referred to Bart by our sport medicine doc. Bart was GREAT! He worked along side my daughter encouraging her every step of the way. He helped her to see her progress and did a nice job of explaining the value of and demonstrating home exercises. Bart never made her feel bad when she didn't do all the exercises at home each week. My daughter fully recovered and is now off to college and plans to play volleyball there. Bart is a great physical therapist. I would highly recommend him."


I started at Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy after a sports shoulder injury persisted.  I though time would heal it on its own, but I was certainly wrong.  From my first consultation I was hooked!  Adam had availability on Saturdays which was key for me due to my work schedule.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, energetic, and patient and after less than three months I am able to lift weights and train how I was previously.  I genuinely looked forward to each appointment because I could tell that it was helping and I was getting stronger.  Mac and Adam greeted me by name and gave such personally detailed service!  I could not recommend Adam enough!  He gave me the knowledge and the tools to practice exercises at home which only helped shorten my recovery time.  I will defiantly be back for any injury in the future.  They are the best at what they do in Seattle!  Thank you!


"This place is AMAZING! I love working with Bart, Malorie, and Mac. They really care about my health. They assess me on every visit and give me appropriate exercise for my needs. It is a great place!!"


I decided to seek out physical therapy as a hopeful solution to migraine headache's that I've dealt with for years.  Neurologists and chiropractors had nothing to say and do that helped me significantly aside from telling me that my problem was musculoskeletal.  Greenlake Spots PT was on the list of providers that are covered by my insurance and they were one of the only places I could find with positive reviews, so I called and made an appointment.  The service, friendliness, and care that I've received since my first visit have exceeded my expectations.  Within a month, the number of headaches I was getting had decreased from two or three a week to almost no pain of any kind. 
I have seen Kelly for my appointments and she is wonderful.  She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and the results of her care and advice have helped me regain a normal routine after being sidelined with headaches for so long.  Going to PT appointments is comfortable and even fun, as this place has a motto of "It's all about the try, not the 'do'" when it comes to putting in effort on exercises that they assign to you.  It is a positive environment, and when I showed up once to tell them about a terrible headache that had come from no where, the look of concern on not just Kelly's face, but the rest of the staff that heard me talking, was extremely comforting.  The questions asked to help determine the cause(s) of my pain are thorough, meaningful, and it is easy to tell how much this team does care.
I've been happy with the billing process in working with my insurance/deductibles/etc. and have been able to make appointments with ease.  I can make appointments as early as 7am and as late as 6:30pm, so it's even easier to find the time to make it to PT.  I look forward to continuing to visit Greenlake Sports PT for maintenance with my migraines, as I've seen enough positive results thus far that I don't have to keep going much anymore.  Thank you, Kelly, Mac and team!

-A. K.


I tore my ACL and meniscus and began physical therapy shortly after surgery this past November. Not knowing what to expect with the whole process and being a little nervous, the team at Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy greeted me kindly immediately after stepping foot into the facility. Kelly, my therapist was extremely kind. She helped answer all of my questions about my surgery and what was happening to my knee as it healed. It really gave me peace of mind and put me at ease through some challenging weeks. I gained trust in her very quickly and her encouragement kept my spirits high. All of the other therapists there would ask me how I was doing during an exercise as well, which meant a lot. It's the little things that make the difference which showed me that they cared. After a few weeks it felt like I was a part of a little community and I began to look forward to my appointments. A couple months after my therapy I moved out of state and began at a new place which made me realize even more how special Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy was and is. I would absolutely recommend this place and wish I could continue going there.

-J. F.

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