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Bart Simons, PT

Bart graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's in physical therapy in 1989. He worked in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine for 10 years before opening his own practice in Green Lake. In his free time he enjoys playing golf.  Bart recently completed a Titleist Performance Institute certification to help patients and clients improve their golf swing as they reach the return to sport phase of their rehabilitation. Read more about it here: Titleist Performance Institute

Office Hours:

Monday 7:30AM-6PM

Wednesday 7AM-6PM

Thursday 7AM-6PM

Kelly Moran, DPT, OCS


Kelly earned her doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from Duke University in 2010. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, a five-month physical therapy internship in Seattle convinced her that the Pacific Northwest was a perfect fit for her active lifestyle and love of the outdoors. Kelly returned to Seattle following graduation, joined the Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy team in 2013.

Kelly competed in NCAA gymnastics for Brown University. This competitive experience combined with her education provides Kelly with unique insight into the specific demands gymnastics places on girls and young women, allowing her to tailor physical therapy care and programs to individual athletes' needs. Additionally, she has experience coaching gymnastics, swimming, and skiing, which contributes to an enhanced understanding of the biomechanics of these sports. Kelly has been certified in pilates for rehabilitation and is incorporating Pilates into Greenlake Sports PT rehab programs for core stabilization. She also plans to begin running Pilates-based wellness and injury prevention classes.

Office Hours:

Monday 7AM-6PM

Tuesday 7AM-6PM

Thursday 7AM-6PM

Friday 7AM-11AM

Adam Waggoner, DPT

Adam earned his doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2015.  He completed his undergraduate degree in biology at Texas Woman’s University while working full-time as an aide in a PT clinic for 4 years.  These experiences combined with a background in competitive sports participation allowed Adam to recognize his passion and enthusiasm for physical therapy and sports rehabilitation.  After completing his DPT degree, he moved to Seattle to join the Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy team in 2015.

Adam’s clinical focus is orthopedics and sports medicine, working with all age groups.  Areas of special interest include rehabilitation of the shoulder and elbow in the overhead athlete, advanced rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction, and slow motion video analysis of running and sports mechanics.  He has training in advanced manual therapy techniques of the spine and extremities and enjoys staying up to date with the latest clinical evidence.  Adam began snowboarding after moving to the Pacific Northwest and also has enjoyed playing soccer, biking, hiking and many other outdoor activities which the area has to offer.  

Office Hours:

Monday 8AM-6PM

Tuesday 8AM-6PM

Wednesday 8AM-6PM

Friday 7AM-5PM

Katy Smith, DPT

Katy received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Washington in 2015 after earning a bachelors degree in physiology and neuroscience at the University of CA San Diego. She has travelled and lived in several places throughout the world including Peru where she was born, Germany and southern California. She fell in love with the Seattle area while studying physical therapy at the UW finding that it was a good fit for her love of the outdoors and active lifestyle.


Katy has several years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and rock climbing which gives her a unique insight into the requirements of extreme sport athletes and allows her to tailor treatments specifically towards their needs. Being a bicycle commuter and triathlon participant, Katy has an interest in proper bike fitting, injury prevention and rehabilitation for cyclists. To expand her knowledge in this field she recently completed the level 1 BikePT certification from the industry-recognized expert Erik Moen. Katy enjoys developing patient specific rehab programs, drawing from her knowledge and experience in Pilates, yoga, massage, manual therapy techniques, strength and conditioning, and participation in various sports.


In her spare time Katy competes in local BJJ tournaments, loves to work in her garden, travel, experience new cultures, and enjoys outdoor adventures including hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding.

Office Hours:

Wednesday 7AM-6PM

Thursday 7AM-4PM

Friday 7AM-4PM

Saturday 7AM-5PM


Lindsay Pickering, Athletic Trainer


Lindsay Pickering earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in athletic training in May of 2016 from San Diego State University. She is a certified athletic trainer licensed in Washington State, after completing SDSU’s two year program consisting of two clinical rotations, rigorous coursework along with passing the Board of Certification Exam. Lindsay began working at Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy in June of 2016 assisting and guiding patients with their therapeutic exercise.  She aspires to earn her doctorate of physical therapy in the future and is excited to be working alongside such knowledgeable Physical Therapists to help her prepare for it. Lindsay enjoys anything active and being outdoors and is happy to be back in the northwest.  

Alex Farley, Athletic Trainer


Alex, a Washington native, received her Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training from University of Idaho in 2010. After graduating, she lived and worked in the Boise area as an Athletic Trainer 3 years before pursuing and completing her Master’s of Science in Sport Psychology from Western Washington University in 2015. Alex has worked with athletes ranging from the youth to professional level as well as the industrial setting. In her spare time she enjoys listening to podcasts while walking her corgi Mogul.

Brandon Nakano, Personal Trainer/Aide


Brandon, a Southern California native, graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Sports and Exercise science from Seattle University in December of 2017.  Brandon is also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  His credentials were obtained through the American Counsel on Exercise.  His passion and commitment to wellness and exercise led him to Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy.  Here at GSPT, Brandon plans to aid the physical therapists with his expertise as well as gain invaluable experience as he prepares for physical therapy school.  Brandon enjoys playing basketball and volleyball in his spare time. 

Tuesdays with Lily

Lily Moran Chang is our official Tuesday Motivation Pup!  She is here every Tuesday to provide motivation, cuddles, and an occasional face licking.  She is by far our most popular employee, so much so that Tuesdays are now the most popular day in the clinic.  Would you like to meet this lovable pup?  Request your next PT appointment for Tuesday.  Hurry, they are filling up fast!

Hobbies include:  Long walks around Greenlake, chasing squirrels, eating bacon