We provide a multitude of services and techniques to ensure optimal recovery and rehabilitation.  Here are just a few of our in office services and procedures:

  • A therapist who specializes in Pilates Rehabilitation exercises on a Reformer machine focusing on core stabilization and postural re-training.

  • A specialized rehabilitation program with the goal of returning every patient to full participation in both life and sport.

  • Custom orthotic inserts made from individual foot molds to improve the mechanical properties of the foot, ankle, and kinetic chain of the leg.

  • Kinesiology and McConnell taping techniques to reduce pain, improve movement patterns, and improve performance.

  • Slow motion video analysis of gait and running mechanics to correct movement dysfunction and reduce injury risk.

  • Body weight supported treadmill training system reduces joint compression and pains, and allows for progressive return to full weight bearing after either surgery or injury.

  • Various modalities utilized include Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM), and traction for the cervical and lumbar spines.

  • Therapeutic exercises molded to the custom needs of every patient to return you to both life and sports.

  • Return to sports training

  • Titlist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf specialist trained to analyze your swing mechanics.

"I started at Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy after a sports shoulder injury persisted. Adam had availability on Saturdays which was key for me due to my work schedule.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, energetic, and patient and after less than three months I am able to lift weights and train how I was previously.  I genuinely looked forward to each appointment because I could tell that it was helping and I was getting stronger.Thank you!

-Mia 11/2016


"I had a bulging disk that put me out for about a year.   I was about to get cut when I decided to give PT a try.  During the healing process, Bart did a great job of educating me on exercise and posture to keep the pain at bay and aid in recovery.  I totally recommend them."


-- B.F 

"My daughter played volleyball in high school and sustained a stress fracture in her spine and was required to wear a brace and have regular PT for a number of months for rehabilitation. We were referred to Bart by our sport medicine doc. Bart was GREAT! He worked along side my daughter encouraging her every step of the way. He helped her to see her progress and did a nice job of explaining the value of and demonstrating home exercises. My daughter fully recovered and is now off to college and plans to play volleyball there. Bart is a great physical therapist. I would highly recommend him."

-- L.A.L 

Having a busy schedule doesn't mean having to skip PT when you really need it.  Come in and see us on Saturday.  We have appointments available to fit your schedule. 


Tobin has been a long time patient of Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy, and has participated in the Pacific Northwest Rodeos for over 15 years as a bull muger.  This year Tobin won the Pendelton Rodeo and has finished in the top multiple other times.  We are so proud to have this hard working cowboy show us the rodeo ropes while we show him the rehab ropes.  Keep up the great work Tobin!

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